The Interfaith Alliance
of New York State

People of Faith Working for Justice in Public Policy

Mission Statement

We believe in a loving and compassionate Creator, who calls on us to love our fellow beings and to care for the common good of all creation. Our vision of the common good is a society that respects the dignity of all persons, encourages meaningful work by assisting people to gain employment and by rewarding work with livable wages, protects the environment for generations who follow, and cares for those who are unable to care for themselves. We are moved by our faith to raise concerns about social issues and to promote social justice by transforming the political process. We seek to revive a spirit of compassion in our communities and among our political leaders. To this end, we will act through our own congregations and religious gatherings as agents of change.

Our Executive Committee and Board of Directors

John Amidon, Chair
Barbara Dworkin, Vice Chair
Florence Skiff, Secretary
Donna Crisafulli, Treasurer
Dr. Khalid Bhatti
Dennis Karius
Dr. Anna Marfey

Contact Us

The Interfaith Alliance of New York State
911 Central Avenue, Suite 337 UPS
Albany, NY 12206


John Amidon, 518-312-6442

Volunteer webmaster: John Bullough (

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